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A Matter of Life and Health

For Individuals

Helping individuals and small groups reach their ideal weight for life without dieting


Nutrition and wellness support for doctors, health practioners and educators

For Businesses

Partnering with businesses to implement employee health and wellness programs

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A Matter of Life and Health

A few years ago, despite owning a thriving health club and working out regularly, author Bob Flynn was hungry all the time and his calorie intake was out of control — largely because of his poor food choices. When at his annual physical his doctor asked, “How do you feel?” he realized he was sadly lacking in the energy department.

Today Bob is at his goal weight and travels the country to participate in triathlons at 53 years old. And he feels great!

 This book is a heart to heart talk between you and Bob about improving your health, your life and reaching your goals.

The Biggest Problem

Analyzing your own habits can be the key to sustainable health. Fad diets might get you quick results, but they can leave you in a worse place than where you started. I call this the “After, After.”

Find out exactly how your habits are holding you back during your FREE Habit Mapping Session. We will also discuss a plan to help you reach even your most difficult health and fitness goals.

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