What Does Fitbit Do?

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Though you have heard the word “Fitbit” thrown around for nearly a decade, you are still asking yourself, “What does Fitbit do?”

What started as a very smart pedometer has grown into a portable health monitoring system. Sleep, exercise, diet, and heart rate are logged and recorded. Then the information syncs with your online account so you can track progress towards your health goals.

Fitbit Basics

The product can tell one activity from another. Walking, running, elliptical, and swimming are a few of the activities the Fitbit can track.

Fitbit is able to track not only your steps but the intensity of your steps. The accelerometers–instruments that measure acceleration–and the heart rate monitor make getting accurate calorie counts possible.

The device’s ability to accurately measures calories in and calories out removes the need to make rough guesses, and best of all, diminishes our ability to overestimate the time we spend exercising and the rigor with which we move.

The continuous heart rate monitoring helps you manage stress, reach health goals, and get the most out of your workout.

Heart rate readings contribute to more accurate calorie counting since not all exercises require the kind of movement that accelerometers are designed to capture.

What Does Fitbit Do For Your Workouts?

By using three heart rate zones, the system helps you optimize your workouts. Once you input your birthday, the device calculates your maximum heart rate using the standard formula (220-your age). The device then creates heart rate zones that help you build speed (peak), strengthen your heart and muscles (cardio), or increase endurance and burn fat (fat burn).

Some models even include guided breathing exercises to help you return your heartbeat to normal in stressful situations.

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What Does Fitbit Do For Your Sleep?

Fitbit can also track your sleep. Sleep is key to your health and wellness and can help you decide how intensely you should be working out.

Using motion detectors and heart rate monitors, the device makes educated guesses about what stage of sleep you are in. This information is used to recommend a good sleep schedule for you.

All of this data makes your fitness easier for you to take control of.

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