How to Lose Weight After Having a Baby

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Your goal is to lose weight after having a baby. You’ve learned to appreciate your new body, a bit stretchier in places now. But you know that being a healthy mom means being a healthy weight and you’re prepared to do the work to reach your weight goals.

Healthy Weight Goals

Do you know that most people who go on a diet fail? One of the main reasons for this is that they lose weight too quickly using unsustainable methods.

When you set your weight goals, keep in mind that you should only be losing 1 to 2 pounds per week. Mother’s should be especially careful about rapid weight loss because poor diet and nutrition can lead to decreased milk supply and poor-quality milk.

High Nutrient Density

Focus on eating foods that have a high nutrient density—this means lots of minerals and vitamins per calorie. Eat cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, kale, and cabbage frequently. Stock up on whole grains for the healthy carbs that your body needs. Fatty fish, legumes, and nuts are excellent sources of protein that provide your baby with the DHA they need.

Calorie Tracking Helps You Lose Weight After Having a Baby

Consider getting a calorie tracking app like MyFitnessPal. You can plug in your current weight, weight goal, and activity levels and the app will calculate how much you should eat. Remember to input burning 500 calories a day if you are exclusively breastfeeding.

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Sleep When Baby Sleeps (Or Don’t Sleep at All)

Sleep is notoriously hard to come by once you have children in the house—especially a newborn. In the first few weeks, sleeping when the baby sleep is extremely important. They do not yet have a concept of night and day.

Sleep deprivation will thwart your weight loss goals. People who are under rested are at a high risk for weight gain even when they’re on a diet. Lack of sleep makes you less able to control your food impulses and decreases your bodies ability to respond properly to insulin. This leads to more fat storage, making it harder to lose weight after having a baby.

Exercise to Lose Weight After Having a Baby

Appropriate postpartum exercise depends on your pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Make sure that you have the okay from your medical practitioner at your six-week appointment to exercise. Get checked for diastasis recti—a separation of the abs that is common in pregnant women—and pelvic floor integrity.

You can begin Kegels right away but don’t stop there. Consider adding squats to your workout to increase the strength of your core.

Take walks around the park and consider babywearing–your infant doubles as a weighted vest. Find exercises that make you feel good and dedicate time to them each day.

Good sleep, good food, and a good exercise routine will help you lose weight after having a baby and you will regain confidence in your body.

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