How to Choose the Best Running Shoes for You

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Finding the Best Running Shoe for Your Foot Type

Choosing the best running shoes is complicated. Expert opinions on the best style for foot health range dramatically from barefoot shoes to shoes with extra cushioning.

Of course, you can solve the conundrum of “What’s the best running shoe?” by focusing on the individual. You have a unique foot and running style. Do you have high arches or low arches? Do you have bunions or run with overpronation?

Here are some options to consider based on your specific needs.

Best Shoes for Bunions: Mizuno Wave Rider 21

Bunions are bony bumps that develop on the inside of your big toe joint. They are often red, swollen, and uncomfortable. Traditional shoes press on bunions, adding to the discomfort.

The Mizuno Wave Rider 21 is quite wide. The air injected rubber on the front of the foot allows flexibility, helping the shoe to conform to your foot rather than the other way around. This eases any pain from the additional pressure put on your bunions from running.

Best Running Shoes for Overpronation: Saloman XR Mission

When your foot rolls inwards too much while running, you have overpronation. You likely deal with this issue if you have flat feet. You can check if you overpronate by placing your shoe on a flat surface. Does the shoe tilt inward?

If so, the Saloman XR Mission is the best running shoe for you. The insole and heel are very supportive, correcting your foot’s natural inclination. The shoe is perfect for trail running and though protective, remains breathable.

Best Running Shoe for Supination

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Supination is the opposite of overpronation. This is when your foot rolls outwards too much when you are on the move. Again, if you are unsure, place your shoes on a flat surface. If they tilt outwards, you are likely dealing with this issue.

The Saucony Zealot ISO 3 is the best running shoe to give you arch support that helps create proper alignment by contouring to your feet.

Best Running Shoes for Barefoot Running

Minimalist footwear has become popular. Some believe that our foot’s natural naked state creates the optimal gait. While barefoot, you land on the balls of your feet, dampening the impact on your body when your feet strike the ground.

If like most, you don’t want to go completely barefoot, there are a lot of option. The Vibram FiveFingers KSO is a fantastic one. The material is very breathable, and the construction of the shoe is about as minimal as you can get. While the shoes are very lightweight and allow for the most natural run, we don’t recommend these shoes for rough terrain.

Whether your foot has high or low arches, whether you prefer to run in comfort, style or both, the best running shoes are out there for you.

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