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Promote employee wellness and increase productivity.

Recent surveys report that more than 80% of working people in the U.S. feel stress in their jobs… and more than half of them say they make poor health choices due to that stress that has led them to being overweight.

Stress, obesity and other health issues cause reduced productivity, work absence, less focus ability, and higher employee turnover. Being overweight can result in a host of health issues including heart disease and cancer.

As technology has pervaded the workplace, average U.S. workers now fill most of their time in sedentary positions. This lack of exercise has long been known to cause circulatory issues, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar and high cholesterol, which increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

How can you get your employees to live healthier lifestyles that make them more productive?

Introducing Sum Sanos, an exciting breakthrough in the weight management and health and wellness industry

Sum Sanos™ is a 12-session, scientifically-based program incorporating the latest evidence-based science and rigorous research on Habit Based Interventions.

This program incorporates sound psychological principles to help your employees meet the challenge of permanent change, build their emotional competencies and arm them with the tools to transform their lives…. for good.

Sum Sanos™ is not a fad diet or an exercise regimen. It is a proven program incorporating rigorous methodologies that help your employees achieve long-term weight loss, wellness and transformation.

Discover how your employees can stick to a weight management and health program long-term… they’ll thank you for life!

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